An innovative railway track construction process

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The way of traveling has changed over the past few years. But, the tracks stayed the same. This is not what you expected, right? The current tracks start to become unreliable because they start to move. Are you searching for a new railway track construction process? A specialist called Stabirail came with a solution: an innovative way of a railway track laying procedure. For this matter, ballastless tracks or slab tracks are used. These tracks rest on concrete, which made it as strong as possible. The track is immediately attached to the concrete, which creates a longer lifespan.

Several advantages of ballastless tracks

The advantages of slab tracks, also known as ballastless tracks, are a superior stability and the absence of deformation. Moreover, they have a shallower construction height. This is more functional and safer than its traditional counterparts. However, there is more to say about this railway track construction process. This method guarantees higher accuracy, longer design life and lower whole-life cost. Are you interested in this method? Get in touch with the experts of Stabirail. They would love to help you out with an innovative railway track laying procedure. Ask for this unique and groundbreaking method for laying slab tracks if you contact them.

Why you choose for a specialist for this railway track laying procedure

There are several reasons why you should choose for Stabirail for this innovative railway track laying procedure. First of all, this company uses slab tracks instead of wooden sleepers. Every day, they are working on kilometers of track. To get the process going as smooth as possible, a milling machine is been used. With this railway track construction process, the tracks are safer than ever. And safety first, right? There are a lot of examples of ballastless tracks where little or no maintenance has been carried out over the past 25 years. Create more reliability with this method and get in touch with this specialized company.