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Buy customized speakON cables at this professional store

With speakON cables, you can amplify your sounds at the highest possible quality for your audience to enjoy. Buy all your speakON audio cables at LivePower and enjoy their convenient use for your professional set-up. These cables are used as connectors for your speakers. Buy speakON audio cables to connect them with your speakers and amplifiers. This way, you are able to amplify your sounds at an even higher level than with the XLR connectors. These only carry audio signals to up to fifteen amps. This is ideal for most in-line signals, but if you are a professional who works with sounds on the daily or performs at big venues, this is not nearly loud enough for your work.

Buy the best audio cables that are currently available

So, if you are looking to buy the best audio cables that are currently available on the market, we really recommend buying the speakON cables from LivePower. These connectors are available in a broad range of varied sizes and models. Adding to this, you can find anything you need for a professional set-up at this store. Whether you need power distributers or accessories, you can order these high-quality products conveniently in one place. Most of the products you can find at this store are also customizable. This means that you can have these professional employees print your own logo, for example, on your equipment. It is also possible to have your cables labeled or imprinted with a specific color. When you are working within a large team, this can come in handy, so everybody knows exactly which products belong to who. As a live performer, printing your logo on your equipment helps build your brand.

Contact these professionals for personalized advice

Do you want to complete your set-up with the highest quality products? Simply buy your range of speakON audio cables from LivePower and start amplifying your music to the next level. If you cannot find the exact products you are looking for, simply contact these professionals. They will help you find the products that complement your own equipment with their personalized advice.