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FIFA 21 Adds A FUT Regional Lockout Notice In An Update

The FIFA franchise has been immersed in several controversies this year, some of them about the microtransactions of its famous FIFA Ultimate Team mode and others for the image rights and licenses of the players.

Regarding licensing, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has led an attack on EA Sports in recent days to find out who sells the image rights to the franchise and why players are not receiving any financial compensation for it.

That issue appears to be on hiatus for the moment, although Mino Raiola warned that up to 300 players could initiate a legal dispute against FIFA in what he called “a revolution that will change the system.”

FIFA Ultimate Team lockout message.

Now, the Twitter account FUT Watch has revealed a capture of what would be a message included in a new update of the game that says: “FIFA Ultimate Team is no longer accessible in your country at the request of the authorities of your region.”

While those responsible for the account detail that the message has not yet been used within the game, this may be a kind of “preparation” for EA Sports to accept a legal defeat in certain countries of the world.

Countries such as Australia, Canada, Belgium and Netherlands are closely monitoring FIFA Ultimate Team microtransactions, as many people claim that they are gambling due to the risky component that exists at the time of opening each pack.

For example, in Canada all types of bets are prohibited but, for now, it is still possible to buy packs in FIFA Ultimate Team with real money. That is the claim that the authorities have made and what they are working on to see if they resort to a total ban on this game mode in the North American country.

Also, let’s remember that many players buy FIFA 21 Coins online with real money, so it is a system that has many edges that are being reviewed by the competent authorities.

FIFA is not the first franchise to face this type of legal problem, since the Overwatch game has also been banned in some countries of the world for including microtransactions of a similar nature as those of FIFA Ultimate Team, so it is highly likely that this will also happen with this section of FIFA 21.

For now, there is nothing left but to enjoy FIFA Ultimate Team while it is available in your country since we don’t know when they could reach an agreement to ban it. This would be a huge blow to the EA Sports franchise because this is its most famous game mode and the one that has turned the FIFA series into a gold mine in recent years.


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)