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Getting into tea, where do I start?

You are just getting into tea, there is so much choice where do you start, maybe with Herbal tea? What kind of flavors are there? And which teas can benefit your health? It might seem difficult at first to find the right tea, but when you have the right information, it becomes really easy. People have drunk tea for ages. The tradition and existence of tea started a long time ago in China. In the west it was introduced when new trading routes were found. It became very popular in the west, together with coffee. At first only rich people could afford tea and coffee. But after a while  it became one of the most popular drinks to this day, for all people. In most parts of the world it became part of a culture and the workspace.

What kind of teas are there?

There are thousands of flavors of tea. It would be impossible to name them all. But we can distinguish three main groups. There is Herbal tea, fruit flavored tea, green tea and black tea. Most teas fall under one of these groups. You can buy pre made tea, this looks like the tea you find in the supermarket. But the more rich flavors can be put together yourself or are hand mixt in the store. You can drink this tea in bought bags or a very little strainer. These strainers come in cute forms or sizes, like the shape of a cat. With some good tea goes a good snack like cookies.

Where do I buy good tea and equipment?

You can buy quality tea in a special tea store. These stores are centered around selling quality teas and equipment like strainers or bags. In these stores they can advise you about the best flavors or what would make an awesome gift. These stores also often sell fun goodie bags or starting kits!