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Beauty and Personal Care

Natural and organic cosmetics

Natura Siberica has become known for offering natural and organic cosmetics made with its unique ingredients, brought from the famous and unspoiled lands of Siberia, a place well known for its extraordinary wild and beautiful nature, with its infinite forests that are part of Taiga and even some eternal snows.

Natura Siberica is the first range of certified organic cosmetics with a real base in wild plants and natural ingredients exclusively from Siberia, where beyond the Taiga and the mountains with its beautiful mountain rivers hide forces of nature on the qualities of which little is known. Burdock, Dandelion, Badan, Burnet, Valerian, Hawthorn, Calendula could be called the most known, but there are dozens and hundreds of others known less.


   We are very proud to be able to distribute this unique range to our clients who can buy them not only in Madrid, Barcelona or Andalusia, but in any corner of Spain, as we and our loved clients appreciate more and more the importance of using natural organic products.

This company uses 100% natural ingredients, which have been harvested in the heart of the Siberian plains, beyond the Taiga, where there is a huge variety of unique plants with extraordinary qualities in the best of senses and the ones that are not found in other places.

Siberia is a unique region in the world, where wild flora has remained unchanged for millennia. Plants traditionally used by Siberian women have long been true elixirs of health and beauty, having been used even in the Russian imperial court.


 The surprising modern history of this type of product began in 1940, when botanists Lazarev and Brekhram investigated more than 4,000 plants and identified twelve adaptogenic plants, quite special for their medicinal qualities. There are theories that these remarkable plants are said to have last out the Ice Age by adapting to one of the most hostile and hard environments of our planet. As a result, they possess very special qualities, which contribute to increased general well-being and, when used therapeutically, are famed for slowing down the growing old effects and processes of the skin.


   Founded out some time ago in 2007, Natura Siberica uses these adaptogenic plants and seeds in its own products, all along with other herbs and plants from Siberia, which offer the most unique health and beauty benefits and are great carriers of strong antioxidant and protective properties of harmful human body means.

In Natura Siberica the Siberian pine oil (called Pinus Siberica Seed Oil) is used as the base for almost all creams, balms, shampoos and other products. This Siberian pine is five times richer in vitamin E than the olive oil and three times richer in vitamin F than cod liver oil, which consequently strengthen the skins natural barriers and giving a great protecting against the harmful effects of contamination, extreme temperatures and UV radiation etc.


   The purity of the formulas used in Natura Siberica products is guaranteed by the European COSMOS and ICEA, BDIH certificates, making Natura Siberica the only company approved by COSMOS-Standard AISBL in 2011.


Company researchers undertook royal expeditions to Siberia to learn about traditional recipes from local tribes and how these unique plants and flowers are used to cure disease and protect health. In the production process, these ingredients and methods are studied and adapted to create a range of special cosmetics and totally different from what is known today.

Natura Siberica owns the largest organic farm in Siberia, from where most of the plants used in the production process are harvested and, therefore, supports the indigenous population in the production of these products.


The company has been awarded a series of international awards for its commitment to nature and the very special quality of the product.


We invite you to discover the extraordinary qualities of Natura Sibericas healthiest products!