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Tips for hotel websites

Nowadays the internet is the driving force behind many sales for many different industries. Hotels being one of them. Almost all hotel guests nowadays find their hotel online. But what can you as a hotel do to attract as many new guests as possible? Read on to find out.

Be informative

When shopping for hotels people want to be able to see what a hotel has to offer. Only lingering on your website for a few seconds to see if they like what they see to then move on or further investigate. Have a clear but condensed overview with all your services and what can potentially set you apart from your competition. This way if someone is looking for something specific, he or she will be able to quickly find if your hotel offers this service.

Besides a condensed overview you should also have a clear explanation and description of your services. Don’t just mention you have pool. Mention the features of that pool. If your hotel offers a service and its not easily findable on your website you are losing out on potential customers.

Have a useable website.

Make sure your website does not only look good but also feels good. You should probably hire a professional designer for this as it is hard to get right. But if your website is a pain to navigate then people won’t hang around and might possibly miss what is a completely fine hotel.


Let people book directly on your website and make it easy for them to select exactly what they want. Nowadays many people use external booking websites which take a cut of price that is paid. You are losing money by allowing this. Offer a cheaper rate if they book directly through you and in the end, you will be a lot richer.

Take a look at your competitors

Its always good to know what your competition is up to. Make sure that your website is better than theirs and you will see an influx of costumers. Its as simple as that.

Finding a good Hotel website design is not hard but you will need to be willing to spend something. But you definitely get something in return.