Underfloor heating and renewable energy systems Scotland

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The most efficient and comfortable heating solution for any home or commercial property is with no doubt underfloor heating. Connected to renewable energy sources you combine the best of two world. Unsurpassed comfortable heating that reaches comfort levels at a much lower temperature powered by heat that is already there in natural resources like the air, the ground, rivers and lakes.


Incognito Heatco in central Scotland is the leading designer, supplier and installer of quality underfloor heating systems in Scotland and the North of England. In this article we will describe the different underfloor heating systems and advised renewable energy systems.


Underfloor heating systems


At Incognito we are confident that we will have a system that meets your requirements. All sorts of properties from houses to museums enjoy the benefits of Incognito underfloor heating. We also develop bespoke systems where conventional systems simply don’t cover the requirements.


    • screeded floor systems

Screeded Systems are the most popular and effective type of underfloor heating. Pipes are clipped or stapled onto an insulation layer, then the screed is laid on top. The warm pipes effectively heat up the whole screed slab, giving even and consistent heat output.

    • suspended floor systems

Plated systems are used for joisted or battened floors and Incognito offers a range of plated solutions to suit each application. The aluminium plate spans the joists or are fixed from underneath, acting as a support for the pipes as well as a spreading the heat to give an even heat output.

    • floating floor systems

Floating floor systems consist of pipes laid into pregrooved and foiled insulation boards which can be laid directly onto the floor surface below.

    • low profile floor systems

Low Profile systems follow the same principle of floating floor systems and are ever-increasing in their popularity as more and more people see the benefits of underfloor heating and want to add it to their property. Low profile systems can be laid directly onto any solid floor surface to provide an even heat output with minimal reduction in floor build-up.

    • specialist systems

We have also developed some specialist systems to cater for specific requirements such as structural floor areas and raised access floor systems.


Renewable Energy


Our Underfloor Heating systems are connected to a number of heat generating appliances. Whilst traditionally fossil fuels have been used, renewable energy sources are increasingly being adopted. At the moment Incognito underfloor heating Scotland are using 4 different renewable energy sources:

    • surface collectors

Collector pipe is laid in one metre deep trenches in suitable ground conditions.

    • air source

Ideal for retro fit applications or properties with smaller gardens, an air source heat pump harvests solar energy contained in the air around the unit.

    • vertical probes

When mature garden land mustn’t be disturbed or when space is a factor, vertical probes are employed. In principal exactly the same as horizontal surface collectors, probes reach deep down into the earth to extract energy.

    • water source

Energy can be obtained from any body of water large enough to sustain the design extraction rate. Practically this means water must flow in, and flow out, to guarantee a steady ‘flow’ of renewable energy into the system.


Incognito Underfloor Heating Scotland



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