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Why use a voice of customer solution?

Why use a voice of customer solution?

Voice of customer helps you handle feedback intelligently, reading between the lines of customer interactions to understand so much more. It does this by gathering information from channels inside and outside your company (from emails, calls and chat to social media) so you can discover what really concerns customers and where your products and services can help.

The benefits of using Voice of the Customer

  • Save time and cost – solve problems quickly and invest in innovation that customers really want
  • Drive loyalty – make customers happy by knowing what works and building on it
  • Increase customer engagement – make it easy for customers to rate and recommend you

What a voice of customer solution can do

  • Generate and manage surveys and forms – tools that allow you to ask customers for feedback at the right time and collect and analyze the results.
  • Analyze language and sentiment – uses Natural Language Processing to identify motivation and intent across all your channels, from social listening to speech analysis.
  • Measure and track performance – view customer satisfaction over time, across different parts of the journey.
  • Support your team – easy-to-use dashboards bring your information together in one place, with customizable permissions and views for different functions.
  • Integrate with existing technology

Secure, robust and compliant

Customer relationships are first and foremost based on trust. A good voice of customer solution works according to industry regulations to protect your customers’ privacy and information rights, so customers understand how you use information and can have complete confidence that their data is protected.

Frequently asked questions

What is the voice of the customer?

Customer voice is the process of obtaining customer expectations, preferences and experiences – both positive and negative – with your services. It allows us to collect both numerical and qualitative data.

Why is the voice of the customer important?

The voice of the customer is extremely important, if not the most important thing of all. By listening to voice of customer, you ensure that: the customer stays with your brand as long as possible, he can see that his opinion matters, your profits are greater, you stand out from the competition, a satisfied customer promotes the brand.

How can you improve your customer voice score?

To improve your voice of customers score, you can introduce several processes or start using tools that will make your job easier. First, you can automate your customer service. This will allow for greater efficiency as repetitive tasks will no longer require work time. If a large percentage of customers come in with a single question, they can automatically get an answer or at least be directed to the frequently asked questions. Second – the customer has many contact channels to choose from. Therefore, it is worth using the multi-channel tool that allows you to track the history of communication in a single place. The third important point is very good customer service management. You should look for solutions that allow human resource management combined with KPI definition and presentation of results. The last point is independence from IT departments. The idea is that any work that is relatively simple and does not require specialized knowledge can be done by customer service.

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