Capital of Belgium, Brussels, is a cool and precious city in the heart of Europe. Just an hour away from London, this city is considered the center of the European Union. The city blooms like no-where else and has so much to offer, with so many luxurious and budget hotels in Brussels to stay in, it should be your next stay. The courtyard hotel in Brussels is highly recommended and has a scandinavian restaurant on the first floor. 

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace, a breathtaking piece of medieval architecture, is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, one of the main reasons to visit the European Union capital, and is a UNSECO World Heritage protected site. Lined with lovely little shops and cafes built inside ornate 17th century guild-houses, the square is decorated with a beautiful carpet of flowers every two years in August, which is a sight to behold.


The scrumptious waffles that are very special to Brussels, as even the air around the city center smells of the sweet delicacy, are known to be delightfully enriching to the taste buds.  Try these waffles from the little yellow trucks that roam around the city or head directly to the quaint little stores, like Maison Dandoy.

The comics

When you visit Brussels and stay in one of the wonderful hotels, you get to see the history of comics in this city and how big they’ve been. Smurfs, Blake and Mortimer, Tintin; you name it, Brussels has made it all. You cannot believe how many of the most famous comics have originated in the city of Brussels, inspiring so many hit movies of today.

The flea markets

The flea markets are one sure way of getting the local flavor of Brussels. Arranged all around the city, these great markets are loaded with so many interesting knick knacks and trinkets. Art has its roots placed in Brussels, hence their markets are lined with custom made mannequin heads, medieval pottery heads, great antiques, all at affordable prices, around half the price of the Parisian market treasures.

The outdoor festivals

Brussels has many festivals throughout the year all meant to entice travellers from all around the world to come and stay in their five-star hotels and enjoy the festivals. There is the Jazz Marathon, the Eat! Brussels, the Belgian Beer Weekend (which Brussels is famous for) and so many more!

Horta House Museum

Considered by many to be one of the founding fathers of Art Nouveau, which is the many great wonders of Brussels, architect Victor Horta’s home is now a lovely and intimate museum in the heart of Brussels.  His house is shown as it was when he lived in it. This Art Nouveau treausre is a well-preserved mansion he built in the late 1800’s. The interiors have been lovingly restored and are furnished with period masterpieces, many original to the house, open to visits by nearby presiding tourists.

All in all, Brussels is an undervalued city with its own little charms. It is a loving home to the people that have lived here all their lives in happiness, a little local paradise with its own political importance, its art history, the amazing food, filled to the brim with a wonderland for any passerby tourist.