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Buying vintage clothing in a bulk

Are you searching for new vintage clothing in bulk? Then Brasco is the company you were looking for. On their website you find the best vintage clothing they can offer as one of the leading vintage clothing wholesale suppliers. This company has a team of buyers all over Europe and the United States, which collect the new items for the assortment. After sorting the vintage clothing, they are put into bulk for you to buy them.

Your favourite vintage clothing in bulk

As one of the leading vintage clothing wholesale suppliers, Brasco has over six hundred types of clothing. As soon as the vintage clothing arrives at their storage, the team checks every single item on stains and wholes, before they put it together in a bulk. On the website of this vintage wholesale, you can see their current stock of clothing they make for their suppliers. Are you going for a vintage clothing bulk based on the 80s, 90s or 00s? It is all up to you. Shipment of clothing is possible in three diverse ways: by airplane, boat or by truck. The delivery time is dependent on which type of delivery you would like. As vintage wholesale for clothing suppliers they pack the clothing in a pellet box, that hold up to 500 kg each. You are free to ask them everything you want to know about shipment and their stock by contacting them.

Choose your favourite bulk today

Are you looking for second-hand vintage clothing in bulk? Look at the catalogue of Brasco. On their website they place the current stock, which contains over six hundred different items. Download their catalogue and contact them if you would like a pricelist. How you can contact this wholesale company is all described on their website. They look forward to helping you.