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Car additives

A fuel additive is an addition to the fuel in the tank. It then mixes with the fuel and in this way gradually enters the engine of the car.

Do I also need additives?

Every car can use an internal cleaning. Carbon deposits form everywhere in the engine, which causes the engine to run less smoothly. This results in more oil consumption, higher emissions, worse starting and much more. So please make use of car additives

What exactly does it clean?

1. The fuel lines and tank (fuel system)

2. The fuel pump

3. The carburetor and injectors

4. The Pistons and Piston Rings

5. The cylinder heads

6. The valves, valve stems, throttle and valve seats

7. The Lambda Sin

8. The turbo

9. The Catalyst


This keeps the engine oil young. Because every time you use your engine, it gets a little bit worse. After all, that is the case with everything that is used. The antioxidants slow down this natural deterioration, protecting your engine for longer.


A fuel additive used as a dispersant removes soot and other debris from the engine. It ensures that the oil floats and that there are no blockages. These agents also make it easier to remove the dirt from your engine during the next oil change.

Are such additions necessary?

Opinions are divided about the usefulness and necessity of additives, but real experts are strongly in favor. Fuels have to meet high quality requirements, which in fact makes additives superfluous. However, if you use your car (or other vehicle) little or mainly make short trips with a low engine load, additives can help keep your engine and other parts clean. A dirty engine can lead to increased fuel consumption, unusual smoke development and reduced engine performance.

Fuel additives could help to remove dirt more effectively or make the engine oil work more effectively. Additives, for example, increase the lubricity of the oil at high temperatures, make parts leak-free or clean the gearbox.

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