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What you should do when buying IPv4

If you don’t know what an IP address is, you are most definitely part of the very few people who don’t. An IP address is a distinctive number that is assigned to any device that can connect to the network. It can also be classified as the identifying signal of the network that is distinct from the other signals that constantly pass through it.

If a device is connected to the network, an IP address is sure to be assigned to it with its very own personal number. All of the addresses on the network have their own unique number which is the reason it is called Unicast Address. The Unicast Address can become congested if there is too much traffic going through a network, and this impacts the quality of that network. If you want to stay away from that problem, it’s important to buy IPv4 addresses to assign to your devices. Here’s what you should know about that process.

The IP address value

Ever since the market for IPv4 addresses broke out, the value for one has been increasing. The world depleted its IPv4 resources in 2019 and shortly thereafter the market for it materialized. So now, the prices have gone way higher than they once were and if a party needs an IPv4 block they will have to be willing to spend quite a bit of money on it. There can be a point for businesses in desperate need of bulk IPv4 addresses when it’s simply not viable to buy them. Luckily, there is the option to lease IPv4 addresses too.

Get an IP broker

If you are expecting to enter this market to buy some IPv4 addresses seamlessly all by yourself, you might be in over your head. Your best bet to get through this process without breaking down is by connecting with an IP broker. Sadly, not all IP brokers are sufficiently qualified to trade compared to other IP brokers.

IP brokers such as those at, however, are highly qualified and even are part of a group of RIPE NCC brokers that have been a part of the current trading network of the RIPE NCC. The RIPE NCC is one of the Regional Internet Registries that support the operations of the internet globally and more. A good IP broker will prove to be extremely beneficial, especially if it’s your first time entering this market.