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Electrochemical activated water generators are your true friend

At Aquaox you will find environmentally friendly and biodegradable solutions. For example, are you looking for electrochemical activated water generators that are easy to use and have a single start/stop capability? Then you don’t have to go through all kinds of companies to find it. There are no complicated handling methods at this company. Aquanox, with more than fifteen years of experience, does know how to provide effective solutions that will combat your bacteria, mold, etc. Their systems are a reliable standard for the production of electrochemically activated water.

All kind of solutions

But what exactly does this specialist do? They offer green and biodegradable systems for different industries. Especially in food, intensive agriculture, animal husbandry and horticulture, you count on this expert when you need a special machine. A good example are the electrochemical activated water generators that have been developed for use in the food industry. produce electrolyzed water on site where cleaning and disinfection solutions are needed. This can include disinfection of surfaces, equipment, water or air. These systems are very easy to operate thanks to PLC control. The programmable logic system monitors all processes and quality at all times. The systems can be easily operated and adjusted manually. One of the EA-systems is the Aquaox EAW-30-C. This is the smaller version of their electrochemically activated water generators, designed for hospitals, universities and school buildings, among others. Any company or institution can find an ideal solution for cleaning and disinfection without the use of traditional chemicals.

Contact this expert and discover his green solutions

So if you like to use Aquaox’s smart solutions, all you have to do is contact them. Whatever industry you work in, such as agriculture, food or other industries; they offer the optimal solutions. Order the electrochemical activated green water generators. Are you curious about this expert’s systems and want to know more? Contact them and discover all the possibilities this company has to offer!