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Health insurance for foreign employees

When you move to the Netherlands as a foreign employee, it’s important to take out health insurance in the Netherlands immediately. Everyone staying in the Netherlands is obligated to have at least basic insurance. It means that you’re insured in case you need essential medical care. To be able to take out health insurance, you must first be registered with the municipality where you’re going to live. Since you’ll have quite a lot of things to arrange when you come to the Netherlands to live and work there, HollandZorg does its utmost to make taking out health insurance very easy.

The convenience of HollandZorg

As a health insurer, HollandZorg focuses specifically on migrant workers who come to the Netherlands to work, whether it’s temporarily or not. We believe that taking out Dutch health insurance shouldn’t have to be complicated. HollandZorg has not only the employees in mind, but the employers as well. Employers can arrange health insurance for foreign employees and have insight into the policy administration. Registering and unregistering employees is easy and the employer can also apply for the healthcare allowance if need be. Moreover, if you’re insured with HollandZorg you can go to any healthcare provider in the Netherlands.

European Health Insurance Card

When you take out health insurance, you’ll usually receive a health insurance card. It’s important to have it with you when you go to a healthcare provider. It serves as proof that you’re insured. At HollandZorg, your health insurance card is an EHIC card, or European Health Insurance Card. As a holder of this card you’re entitled to reimbursement of the costs of essential care when you’re abroad. The card is valid in Europe, Switzerland and EEA countries. You can find more information about the European Health Insurance Card on our website. Of course we’re also happy to answer any questions you may have by telephone.