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Medical wigs nad hair toppers for men and women in Estonia – where to buy?

Medical wigs and hair toppers nad toupees for men and women in Estonia

There are different medical reasons that may necessitate the wearing of a wig or toupee . It can be alopecia, chemotherapy or some other illness. For those who wear wigs for cosmetic reasons, we recommend purchasing hairpieces on-line from specialist stores. But what do you do if you need a wig for medical reasons? How does one choose the right type and color of wigs, which are comfortable to wear?

Purchasing a suitable wig can be difficult for someone who has never worn one before. The first step is to decide whether you are going to purchase a human or synthetic wig. The human hair is much more expensive Professionaalsed parukad ja juuksepikendused – ostle veebist

than the synthetic one, but it is readily available in different colors and styles. You can also style your wig at home with hair irons. Nevertheless, this option requires a lot of time and patience.

The best option for you will depend on the seriousness of your condition and how much time you are willing to spend putting your wigs on each day. When purchasing a human hair wig, our advice would be to place an order several months before you need it since it takes around five weeks for them to be custom made. The color that seems to suit most people the best is black because it goes with any type of complexion. But remember that redheads must avoid black at all costs (unless they want to look like Oompa Loompas, of course).

A cheaper option is to choose a synthetic wig. They are easier to maintain because all you need do it wash it in warm water, dry it with a towel and style it if necessary. You can also curl or straighten your hair at home, even on the day of an important event. Furthermore, they are very durable for everyday use. Nevertheless if you want to change their color they will not be suitable for you since they only come in black.