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Mental health: It's about balance

When we think about health, we often think that our body should be healthy and that all our organs should be doing well, then we are healthy. But there is another important aspect that we often overlook: mental health.

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It’s about balance

Mental health is about how you feel inside. How do you feel in everyday life? Do you experience a lot of stress? Are you just calm? Or not at all? Mental health is extremely important.
Someone who does not pay attention to their mental health will experience a lot of stress at some point. This stress can vary from mild stress to severe stress. An ultimate consequence of too much stress for too long is that we end up in a burnout. Burnout is a clear result of someone not paying attention to their mental health.

This life is all about balance. Just as we try to find a balance with our food, we also try to do that mentally. Do you continuously go beyond your own limits? Then you will experience a lot of stress. Are you taking enough relaxation? Then you will feel better in your own skin.

Mental health is therefore important to feel good again. Make sure to keep your mental health your top priority.