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Need help with product development problems?

Are you working on the development of a product, but are you stuck in the process? The smallest particles can influence the efficacy of a product and cause certain properties to change. If the particles do not have the right size, for example, they do not mix well. This is exactly what Solids Solutions is concerned with. We focus on particles and powder technology and conduct regular research in this area. We use our knowledge in the development of products in various industries, such as the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, but also the food and building materials industry.

What Solids Solutions offers

Solids Solutions is based in Delft. This is where our research laboratory is located. We can help you with the development of your product by determining which process is not going well. On the basis of this, we look for a suitable solution. There is also the academy where you can attend courses or seminars. We also regularly organize events around various topics. And anyone interested in research reports, articles and papers in the field of powder and particle technology can visit our knowledge centre.

BET surface analysis

Solids often have a certain degree of permeability. To determine this, the surface area and pore size can be calculated. By means of gas adsorption the BET surface area is determined. In most cases we use nitrogen, but certain materials require a different type of gas, such as argon or carbon dioxide. Based on the information required, various techniques are used to perform a BET analysis. Would you like more information about our research or courses, or would you like to know how we can help you further? Feel free to contact us.