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Some of the most important industries in the world

The world knows many different kinds of industries, services and markets. These all have some degree of importance. Some more so than others. Among these are a few different industries which are absolutely vital to the way our modern society functions. In this blog, we would like to tell you a little bit more about these industries, so be sure to read on!

The OTC industry

With an OTC machine or complete production line, many different kinds of products we buy and use daily are made. Without the OTC industry, wherein OTC stands for over the counter, you wouldn’t be able to buy a painkiller or multivitamin pill without going through a lot of trouble! This industry is entirely responsible for all the medicines you can buy without a doctors’ prescription, which is a lot of different types of medicine.

The oil industry

Most people think about the oil industry and assume that this industry is entirely built around gasoline. They’re right, but only in part. The oil industries products are mainly fuel oil and gasoline, yes, but they allow for the creation of many other kinds of products as well. Many different types of plastics are made from crude oil, for example. Another one is the large amount of lubricants we use in machines and vehicles, as well as bulk tar used for roofing and such. Lastly, refining oil leaves residue in the form of asphalt, which is used to pave roads as you probably already knew.


Boring old utilities? Yes! How would you like your house if it didn’t have any heating, electricity or running water? Not so much we reckon! The utility industry uses a lot of fossil fuel to keep the worlds’ inhabitants happy and warm within their own homes, as well as all the workplaces and venues where people spend their free time! As you can imagine, the utility industry is absolutely vital to the way our modern society works. Without it, everything would be different from the way it currently is.

Everything connected

Something else that is interesting to mention is that most of the aforementioned industries depend on one another. Sometimes entirely, sometimes in part, but usually at least in some way or form. When one of them encounters some dire times, the others will subsequently suffer. This makes all of the aforementioned industries even more vital, in addition to a few other ones as well!