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Sustainable full body female mannequins that have multiple advantages

Bonami offers a wide range of window mannequins for various stores. Their mannequins are sustainable, which is good for the environment and for your store. If you decide to invest in full body female mannequins or other mannequins, they will last for years to come. They are 100% recyclable, lightweight and made of unbreakable material. Because they are lightweight, it is very easy to move and to dress them. They have combined a unique design with the best quality to create mannequins that are sustainable and unbreakable. Discover the mannequins they sell now and choose the perfect one for your clothing store.

Bonplast; the perfect material for a mannequin

At Bonami, they use bonplast for their window mannequins. This is a very strong material and it is resistant to heat and cold, which is ideal when they have to be shipped across global climates. This material is recyclable and it can be produced in any colour, from semi-clear to opaque. Thanks to this, everyone can find a mannequin in the style they like. They offer full body female mannequins in plus size, for maternity and for sports, amongst other things. No matter what your target audience is, you will find the right mannequins for your shop. If you are not sure which mannequins are suitable for your audience, this expert happily gives advice.

Discover all the mannequins this specialist offers

Thanks to the extensive product range of Bomani, everyone will find the perfect window mannequins that make their window display stand out. With the right mannequins, your shop will attract more customers. They offer full body female, male and children mannequins, but they also have busts, wigs and other decorations. Check out their product range now and order the mannequins that suit all your needs or contact this expert for more information.