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The best gold nanoparticles in the business

When looking for gold nanoparticles, otherwise known as gold sols, you should do well to reach out to the experts at Aurion. These experienced engineers are located in Wageningen, the Netherlands, and the people you can rely on when in need of gold nanoparticles or immunogold silver staining. Should you be working with small ligands and the conjugation of these elements, the products by these experts are a great choice for your business in the field of science. The carboxyl functionalized gold nanoparticles are developed specifically to allow for the gold sols to improve their adsorption method. If you have a business in the scientific field, you would do well to trust in the excellent products by Aurion.

Excellent immunogold silver straining for your scientific ventures

If you are looking for the very best gold nanoparticles and immunogold silver staining the business has to offer, you are taken well care of with the products by Aurion from Wageningen, in the Netherlands. When working in the scientific field you require consistency in the equipment you use That is exactly the case when it comes to the products by these experts. The nanoparticles made out of gold come in various sizes. The ranges start at 6nm and go all the way up to 25nm, with the sizes of 10nm and 15nm between these sizes. The in-house made products are always a good fit for your business.

The best gold and silver particles in the business

The staff of Aurion has many years of experience when it comes to the nanoparticle business. That is exactly why these are the people to trust when looking for the very best immunogold silver staining for your business. When looking for a specific solution, do not hesitate to ask the people from Aurion about what you require. The staff will make sure to see if they can cater to your specific wishes and get you the right product you require.