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The innovators in petrol station lighting

Bever Innovations from Zierikzee, the Netherlands, is an innovator in the LED lighting industry. They manufacture intelligent LED solutions for the fuel retail market. Their customers get the best and effective solutions when it comes to lighting, thanks to the ease of use and sustainability of this company’s petrol station lighting. This company supplies lighting solutions in more than one-hundred countries for major companies such as Shell, BP, Q8 and Total. These experts in petrol station lighting are constantly raising the bar with their improvements. This does not only benefit the owners of the petrol stations, but makes for a more pleasant experience for customers.

LED price displays

Besides being experts at petrol station lighting, Bever Innovations from Zierikzee, the Netherlands, delivers LED price displays for your petrol station. The LED price displays from this company are a full-service product. When you purchase a display, you get the design, the placement in the totem and displays, maintenance and service. The LED price displays of this company are highly flexible in their design: no matter your brand experience, these LED displays will correspond to your corporate identity. They are also highly reliable. Whether your petrol station is located in frigid cold temperatures or the scorching heat of the desert, these displays are suitable for weather and climate all over the world.

Upgrade your petrol station

Take your petrol station to the next level with excellent lighting. For over a quarter of a century this company has provided petrol stations with the best lighting solutions and excellent displays. Your customers will feel comfortable, at easy and safe when bathing in the light of your petrol station, and the clear readability of the displays will make for an easy costumer experience. Not only do the LED lights look great, they are also sustainable and durable. Reach out to these experts and upgrade your petrol station to the next level.