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The meaning of dreams – dreams about your ex-lover

Your ex is a common dream theme, especially after breaking up or just getting a new partner. If you or a loved one dreams of your ex at night, that may have meaning. Find out the meaning of dreams in this article.

What do dreams about your ex mean?

Dreaming about an ex can mean a lot depending on when the dream appears and what happens during the dream. For example, if you are dating a new person, your psyche may still try to resolve the pros and cons of your old relationship. In this situation, your psyche is trying to ensure success in your new relationship.

What can you learn about yourself from dreaming about an ex?

Dreaming about an ex often means that unfinished business is going on between you and your former lover. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be with your ex, or that you should be in touch with your ex to adjust these things. It is often better to see whether you might now behave like your ex, or how the dynamics that existed between you and your ex still determines your life, whether or not with a new partner.

Who dreams about his or her ex?

Dreaming about exes is very common when ending a relationship or starting a new one, as these are times when we are most vulnerable. We don’t know where things are going, so our unconscious often goes into overdrive to help us find firmer emotional ground. While some people feel guilty about it, it really is primarily a way to heal and move on.

Does dreaming about an ex mean I still have feelings for that person?

That is possible, but it really depends on the dream. Think about how you felt in the dream, what was happening around you, and how the dream ended. These details provide clues as to whether you still have feelings for that person. Check for yourself how you feel about that person. Do you secretly wonder: will he come back to me?

Usually dreams are symbolic and not literal. Your feelings in your dreams are probably meant to heal you from what happened in the past. So that you can move forward now.