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The perfect specialised aeromedical center for a mandatory medical check

At Sky Medical Center at Eindhoven Airport, they carry out medical checks for any professional in aviation. Medical checks are mandatory for everyone who want a job in aviation to ensure the safety. Whether you are a FAA class pilot or part of a cabin crew, this aeromedical center offers various medical exams at the best rates. Even recreational pilots must obtain all the necessary aviation certificates to complete the medical check. Make an appointment today and obtain all the medical certificates you need.

How can you complete your medical check at this center?

If you would like to complete your medical check at this specialised aeromedical center, you have to fill in the application form first. With this form, you provide these experts with all the necessary information about your medical history. As soon as you have submitted the application form, you can make an appointment for a physical examination. This will be a general examination that includes a vision test by a specialist. Are you taking the medical check for the first time at this center? Then this can take up to four hours. After completing the examination, it is possible to receive the certificate on the same day in most cases. After this, you can quickly proceed in the process of becoming a pilot or part of a cabin crew.

Fill in the application form and schedule your examination

Would you like to apply for a medical examination at this aeromedical center? They are situated at Eindhoven Airport where you can park for free in front of their door. They always offer the sharpest rates for a medical examination and you will obtain a medical certificate very soon after your exam. When you have filled in the application form, they will contact you to make an appointment. Do you have any questions about a medical check or about the way these specialists work? Contact them and feel free to ask all your questions.