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The Wine Drinking Pattern and Culture in Malaysia

Earlier, drinking wine is only popular and as a trend in western and Europe places. Nevertheless, now wine has indeed come to be an important beverage that appears in lots of nations around the world. Today wine had already started to introduce and develop in Asia countries. More people have quick and easy access to more great wine than ever before. As an example, Lavo Wine is the number one leader when it comes to alcohol delivery in Malaysia. Some of their brands and products consist of red wine, white wine, Johnnie Walker gold label, Hennessy V.S.O.P., Martell Cordon Bleu, Hendrick’s Gin, rose wine, whisky, cognac, vodka, Monkey Shoulder and much more.

World Health Organization had signified there are lots of teens in Malaysia have actually begun to drink liquors at an earlier age. There are apparently 45% of Malaysian youngsters who take in alcohol on a regular basis while they are under the legal age which is 18 years of ages.

In general, there are 2 forms of Malaysian wine consumers which are the Neophyte or the Connoisseurs. The Malaysian Neophyte customers have a minimal degree of understanding in wine because they are still the novice or they do not have much understanding of wine.

There are Just 5% of Connoisseurs Alcohol Customers

Having said that, they are the main type of shopper for wine beverage, just like Thomas Foo, the founder of an SEO agency in Malaysia. Their selections towards wine are mostly based on the cost of the wine. Additionally, there are just 5% of the market are the Connoisseurs type of customers.

For the Connoisseurs kind of end-users, it has actually been separated into two groups which are the “gourmet” and the rich consumers. The “gourmet” is relating to the kind of shoppers who are well-informed in wines and they are exploring the quality of the product when purchasing wine. The rich customers are talking about those people who likewise made their decision based on the pricing of the product but they are searching the most costly one just to impress their guests.

Wine is not just a normal alcoholic drink with a grape taste, but it comes specifically from the fermentation of fresh grapes. Wine is made to be taken joy in; in some cases, it also can be a good complement for a fantastic dinner. A bottle of wine could be both an enjoyment and an interest, both sensual and intellectual. A good wine can offer consumers far more satisfaction. The pleasure can be measured through three senses, which sight, smell, and taste.

A good wine drinker constantly can add the enjoyments of anticipation, contrast, and reminiscence. This satisfaction is utilized in partnering the following aspects:

  • Wine
  • Occasion
  • Food
  • Guests

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