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These three benefits of baby formula keep your baby healthy

Although breast milk is a standard food for babies, there are several reasons why parents may choose to switch to baby formula. For example, mothers may not be able to give enough breast milk. But there are also parents who simply do not want to give breast milk to their children.

Whatever the reason, baby formula is an excellent alternative to breast milk. Wondering what effect baby formula has on your baby’s health? Then read on quickly!

As parents, choose what your baby ingests

Baby formula, like breast milk, contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. All of these substances are essential for baby’s growth and development. The advantage of baby formula is that its composition can be varied. This allows you as parents to choose which substances you think are important for your baby to consume.


Most baby formulas are based on cow’s milk, but there are also formulas based on goat’s milk, soy or rice milk. So the composition of baby formulas can vary. It depends on the age of babies and any special needs. Wondering what different formulas are out there? Then take a look at  


It is good for babies’ digestive system 

Babies’ digestive systems are not yet fully developed and may be sensitive to dietary changes. In fact, some babies may have difficulty digesting certain proteins in baby formula. If your baby suffers from flatulence or very severe diarrhea, you may choose to switch baby formula. Because the selection is so large, you can easily choose a different baby formula.


Benefit from baby formula even at later ages

Besides being healthy while he or she is a baby, baby formula is also healthy for your baby on a longer term. In fact, studies have shown that babies who are breastfed have a lower risk of such things as allergies, asthma, obesitas or other infections. In fact, baby formula has antibodies and other substances that can protect and promote a baby’s health. So even for longer term, baby formula is good for health


Do good research on what is good for your baby. As a parent, what do you think is important for your baby to ingest? You have all kinds of different formulas and brands. You can choose from brands such as Hipp baby formula, Holle baby formula or Loulouka baby formula. Within these brands there are all kinds of different formulas. So take a good look at what you want for your baby and what your baby reacts well to!