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Unidirectional carbon fiber to strengthen your project

Are you in need of strong, lightweight and durable components for your company in the composites industry? Perhaps is unidirectional carbon fiber or a carbon fiber filler from Eurocarbon exactly what you need. This expert company is located in Sittard based in the Netherlands, but is internationally active. They were founded in 1982 with a specialty to braid and weave carbon fiber and has since then evolved to developing and producing a large collection of products, mostly used in the composites industry. They have a large selection of different machines to choose from, which makes the products they have in their standard program, such as unidirectional carbon fiber or filler, very versatile. Is the product that you need not available in their standard program? It also possible to discuss a tailored solution with this amazing company to ensure you get the product that fits your needs.

This company used a variety of effective methods

Besides being specialised in weaving and braiding carbon fiber into a strong and durable reinforcement, Eurocarbon also works with overbraiding. This is used to braid reinforcing fibers directly onto a structure to create a net shaped cost-effective preform. They have engineered and built their own installations for this process to ensure their know-how remains within the walls of their company. They are very reactive to consumer demands and are open to producing tailor-made products, to ensure that all customers get exactly what their situations calls for.

Discuss the opportunities with these experts

Are you curious about what this specialised company can do for you and your organization? Then do not hesitate to contact them by using the contact details on their website. The experienced and enthusiastic employees are here for you if you have any questions or simply just want to know more unidirectional carbon fiber, filler and more.