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What kind of products can you buy at a headshop?

What kind of products can you buy at  a headshop?

Have you ever been to a headshop? If not, let us introduce you to them! If you are no stranger to smoking, then you will be familiar with most of the products that are sold in a headshop. A headshop is basically the main plug to get you all you need for the use of different kinds of narcotics.

Grinders and grip bags

You can buy various grinders in their online headshop. A grinder is a crumbler to grind all of  your smoking goods like weed, hash or herbs. Grinders are available in all sorts of different colors, shapes and prizes. They also sell gripbags. Everybody knows them: they are airtight and resealable. Ideal for storing and saving hash, weed or other herbs. The grip bags are also online at the 24high webshop.

Pipes and smoker accessories

In earlier times, Tobacco smoking was done through a pipe. Nowadays, this is different but you can still use pipes to smoke tobacco, weed or herbs. These pipes can be ordered in 24high’s online head shop in many different colors and made from various materials. Smoking out of a pipe makes you look classy, too ;).  As a smoker you will also find yourself needing supplies. For example, you need long rolling paper to create a joint. You will find products like this in a large selection in their headshop. 

The best headshops

There are very few “real” head shops in the Netherlands, but 24high is one of them. There are some head shops that also offer a range of “smartshop” products. This means that next to selling smoking accesories and such, they also offer other consciousness expanding agents in the same place.

 The first headshop was to be found in the United States. In 1966, three headshops opened their doors in San Francisco, New York and Texas. This was the result of the rise of the Hippie culture, where the need for narcotic accessories was rising. The first headshop was opened by a Vietnam veteran named Ron Thelin and was called “The Psychedelic Shop”. The Dutch people quickly discovered idea of  headshops and decided they wanted to try it aswell. Turns out, the dutch are better at it — several studies have said that the best headshops are located in the Netherlands due to the quality of their products they sell. 

Nowadays most headshops are found in big cities from countries like the UK, the USA and the Netherlands.

Why 24high?

Where you previously had to go to a headshop store, today you can simply order your headshop products online. 24 high sells all kinds of headshop products. They are testing all of their products independently in their headshop. Only when they pass this test they include them in their online headshop. Your order will be sent safely and discreetly. Nobody will know that you have ordered products at an online headshop. Interested? Take a quick look on their website! Visit