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What are the most popular pizza toppings?

When you want to eat a pizza, there is such an incredible choice of toppings. When you make the pizza yourself, you can compose the pizza exactly according to your wishes, in a pizzeria you can choose from a huge range of pizzas. The amount of toppings also depends on the base but with Monte Pizza Crust pizza you get your custom made pizza crust. In this article we tell you more about pizza toppings.

The best known and most popular topping

Cheese is the most popular topping that cannot be missed on a pizza. The mozzarella especially can’t be missing from a pizza. It is traditional for Italians to spread coarse pieces of mozzarella on the pizza. You can also use other types of cheese on the pizza such as: Parmesan cheese, Italian cheese, French cheese, Cheddar, goat’s cheese and bleu cheese.

The tomato sauce

The tomato sauce is a topping that also cannot be missed of course, the Italians are rather strict with what you can put on the pizza. The real traditional Italian tomato sauce is made from locally squeezed tomatoes. A real Italian tomato sauce should be well mixed with salt, pepper, oregano and fresh basil.

Salami or pepperoni

If you like salami, this is a perfect addition to your pizza after the cheese. The pepperoni is the American version of salami, a spicy salami. With salami it is important that you take into account the size of the pizza, because you have large slices of salami but also small pieces. If you use the large pieces, four or five pieces will be enough.

The vegetarian pizza toppings

You also can choose vegetarian pizza toppings, which is not only a very healthy but also delicious choice. Aubergine is a very tasty vegetable on the pizza, which gives it a very fresh taste. A top invention of the Italians is the potato on the pizza, which is delicious combined with pistachio and pesto, for example. A top invention of the Italians is the potato on the pizza. This is, for example, delicious combined with pistachio and pesto. Also delicious is mushrooms, red onion and pepper: this is a wonderfully refreshing combination for your pizza. At Monte Pizza Crust you buy the perfect pizza base and with all these toppings you can create your own a perfect pizza.